TITLE:Technique Mix Series 007 – Supermaar aka DJ MAAR


定期的にTechniqueがセレクトするDJのMixを配信するTechnique Mix Series。
第7弾は、DJ DARUMAとのDJユニット、DEXPISTOLSでも大活躍DJ MAARのソロ・プロジェクトSupermaarさんが素晴らしいMIXを提供してくれました!今後も随時人気アーティストのMIXを配信していきますので、是非SOUNDCLOUDのフォローをお願いします!


Supermaar aka DJ MAAR (DEXPISTOLS)

Deep HouseとTechnoを軸にしつつも、持ち前のヤンチャ心で、
Dope me, me from Madness.
Solo project of DJ MAAR who’s in charge of musical aspects of Tokyo’s leading DJ unit DEXPISTOLS. As a DJ, his set shows his big love towards Deep House, Techno as well as freshly born sounds from his unique artistic eyes and mix them keeping all the bass and grooves. Started his music career as a house music dj when he was 16, by the time he became 18, he stood in the booth of legendary club in Japan, Shibaura Gold. This is the youngest record that the venue had. When he got 20, he debuted as a producer and built a thick career in Tokyo’s dance music scene and was chosen as a resident at ageHa, the biggest venue in Asia. The resident before him was techno legend, Derrick May – it tells how big an event it was for his career. While he was the resident at the venue, he was in charge of produce 4 of ageHa’s official mix CDs. 2 years later, he formed DJ unit, DEXPISTOLS with DJ DARUMA. As the unit played an important role in emerging electro music scene in Asia, they acquired a high reputation, not only in Asia but also in Europe as DJs and producers. In 2011, he started a house music label “Arcus” and released 3 produced mix CDs. Supermaar is a new project he started in 2012, he’s already getting offers through Japan as well as big festivals such as Womb Adventure. Recently he also started a producer unit called Fake Eyes Production together with ShigeoJD (The Samos/Mold) and original tracks with unique touch will be released in the coming future. Never satisfied with the current situation, his movement, musically going back to the basics, is truly giving a new wind in Japanese underground dance music scene.

Track List
1. Nick Monaco – The Stalker(Tanner Ross’ Hiding in the Bassbins Remix) – Soul Clap Records

2. Ztrl – New Way – Pluie/Noir

3. Nastia – Maslo – Nilla

4. DJ PI-GE – Down Map – Autoreply

5. Marlowe – My Minds Mine – Cadenza

6. Kikiorix & Satoshi Otsuki – Michael J Fox – Bass Works Recordings

7. Andres Marcos – An Apple A Day – Pluie/Noir

8. Kevin Yost – Modern Drum Machine – I Records

9. Marco Faraone & Arado – Yes(Federico Molinari Remix) – Etruria Beat

10. tINI – Hat Baxx feat. Joe Le Groove – Suppliment Facts

11. Kevin Yost – One To One feat. Usutu Juma – I Records Classics

12. Yone-Ko – War People(So Inagawa Industrial Remix) – Mussen Project Records

13. Sable Sheep – Upon Burning Skies – Moon Harbour

14. Adsum – Efemore – Minibar

15. &ME – Blitz – Saved Records

16. Rinpoche – Degradation – Tears Of Joy

17. Andrea Oliva & Egal 3 – Those Banger – Memoria Recordings

18. Mr. G – TV Track(Extra Sauce) – Running Back

19. Phuture – Spank Spank – Trax

20. Mark Henning – Exit Acid feat. Dejan – Swing Recordings

21. Etienne Jaumet – Satori(Jon Convex Remix) – Versatile

22. Mold – Ah Ah Ah – Black Budget

23. Fake Eyes Production – Takeitall – 100yen Records