TITLE:Technique Mix Series 060 – James Dean Brown


定期的にTechniqueがセレクトするDJのMixを配信するTechnique Mix Series。

第60弾は、Get PerlonizedのレジデントDJであり、Narcotix SyntaxやHypnobeat名義でも活躍するJames Dean BrownによるDJミックス!

James Dean Brown (Perlon, WIR, Prospector, Arma, Serendip, Dark Entries) – berlin germany

Labels: Perlon, WIR, Prospector, Arma, Serendip, Dark Entries, and others
Projects: Narcotic Syntax (w/Yapacc), Hypnobeat (w/Helena Hauff)
Residency: Get Perlonized
Producing and DJing for more than 20 years, and crossing a wide field of genres, James Dean
Brown is an experienced story-teller. A crate digger, influenced by Soul, Funk, Prog and Exotica
since his early teens, he keeps on living out his passion for music, the primary carrier of emotions.
Still, his comprehensive experience and ever-expanding vinyl collection are steadily charged with
wondrous music of diversified origin. Consequently, he merges an exciting variety of styles in his
club, lounge and radio sets.

Track List

1. Nick Holder feat. Andraya – Inside Your Soul (Hipp-e Deep Mix) (NRK)

2. D-Grinders – Koka (Main Mix) (New Breed)

3. Zig Zag – Da Pressha (Stickman)

4. Black Out – Hold Back (Underground Version) (Zippy)

5. Oscar de Rivera – Zambrana (Kiko Remix) (Material Series)

6. Tony Thomas feat. Chris Rodriguez – Amigos (Tango Recordings)

7. Blakkat – Give Into Love (Full Circle) (Blakkat Original 12″ Mix) (Shaboom)

8. Benny Rodrigues – Momentum (Desolat)

9. Paranoid London with Mutado Pintado – Transmission 5 (Paranoid London)

10. Arttu ft Jerry the Cat – Nuclear Funk (Royal Oak)

11. Mike Huckaby – Baseline 89 (S Y N T H)

12. Mood II Swing feat. Carol Sylvan – Closer Dub (King Street Sounds)

13. Oscar G. of Murk Productions – “Yeah….” (Club Mix) (One)

14. Keita – Ms. Know It All! (Morel’s Groove Mix) (Strictly Rhythm)

15. The Music Freaks – Tribal Trance (Sex Mania)

16. Roc & Kato – Tribal Kisses (Slip ‘n’ Slide)

17. Miles Maeda – So Hot (The “Shame on You” Mix) (Siesta Music)

18. Toronto Track Symphony – Do Me Right (DNH)

19. Nick Holder – Open Up Your Heart (Remix) (DNH)

20. Doc Martin – Never (Blakdoctor Mix) (Shaboom)

21. Zoo Brazil – Wake Us Up (Get Physical Music)

22. Aubrey – The Crossing (Hans Thalau Mix) (Ferox)

23. Unknown – We Love Yello (For Disco Only)

24.Chris Coco – La Isla (Latin Dub Mix) (Other)