TITLE:5/10(木)VASE with Keumel at Technique


デトロイト・ディープ・ハウスの重鎮Chez DamierによるBalanceのサブレーベルInner Balanceや、フランスはパリの次世代レーベルLumieresLaNuit等からリリースする注目株KeumelによるインストアDJ開催。

5/10(木)19:00 – 21:00

Keumel (Inner Balance,LumieresLaNuit )



Keumel ( Inner Balance / LumièresLaNuit )

Chez DamierのInner Balanceや、LumieresLaNuitからリリースを重ねる、パリ在住の気鋭のプロデューサー、DJ。

サンフランシスコ、ブリュッセル、パリと拠点を移しながら、”Jekyll&Hyde”や”Philia”などのパーティに関わり、DJとしてのキャリアを形成。Local Talkからのデビューを皮切りに、Domenico Rosaのリミックス収録で話題を呼んだファーストEP、7 HOURS TRIP EP (Inner Balance)と2枚目となるEP、NIGHT DRIPS (LumieresLaNuit)を立て続けにリリースし話題を呼ぶ。


Keumel started producing music after a long stay in San Francisco in 2011 where he truly discovered and understand US club music.
When he came back in Paris, he started to play in different club and parties with his crew “Jekyll&Hyde”.
He moved then in Brussels where he stayed as a resident for a regular after-party event. This is at this time he released his first track on a various from “Local Talk”.
Back again in Paris since 2013, he enter the “Philia” collective, where he shared the deck with HelloRepeat Soundsystem, Boo Williams, Francesco Del Garda, Domenico Rosa, Richard Zepezauer, Niff, Christopher Rau, LoSoul, Evan Baggs, Audio Werner and many other great artists
In 2017
he release his first EP on the “Inner Balance Records” of legendary Chez Damier from Chicago, with Domenico Rosa on the remix duty and his second ep on “LumieresLaNuit” where he received positive feedbacks from producer and djs such as Laurent Garnier, Le Loup, Ferro, Giovanni Verrina, Etienne, etc…


5/12日(土)の 朝6:00 – 15:00まで 渋谷Ruby Roomにて本パーティーも開催!